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Pyrennes Valley

“Never wish your life was
easier – wish that you were
better. Work harder on yourself than you do on
your job” Jim Rohn

Welcome and thank you for visiting my website. I work with people to enable them to achieve more and enjoy what they do. They become better at:

Finding what they want to be, do and have

Evaluating critical success criteria

Developing strategy

Managing change

Matching their goals to their values

Concentrating on solutions rather

than problems

Recognising their strengths

Focusing on their priorities

Improving their career development

Challenging themselves rather than

feeling challenged

Understanding themselves
Ian McGill CBE

Ian McGill CBE

Chartered Engineer, Fellow of
The Institution of Civil Engineers

Fellow of the Chartered Institute
of Personnel and Development

Qualified Coach with two diplomas
from the Coaching Academy

Performance and Executive Coaching

Teamwork and Leadership Development

+44 (0) 1722 338210


+44 (0) 7811 209546

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